Amy Jasek


Confessions villanelle two of two

Granger, TX | medium format film photo by author

“The past is not now and the future not yet”
we measure time as it passes
the present is where we hedge our bets

Memory catches a day in a net
donning its rose colored glasses
for a past that’s not now, with a future not yet

What sight makes current becomes an asset
that the past gladly amasses
in the present where I hedge my bets

Future expectations crowd its onset
grazing upon greener grasses
than the past ever knew, with current regret

Time it its framework confounded, upset
by reasoning that surpasses
what the present presents for placing bets

Foresight and hindsight: equal vignettes
non-existent in the hourglass
the past is not now and the future not yet
the present is the realest life we get

This is the second, and last, villanelle based on the Confessions of St Augustine; the first and second lines are quotes from his musings on time (which, again, pretty much made my brain explode. Who can really fathom eternity? It also made me think about physics. . . ). This is also the last of my villanelles, for now. Onward! Thanks for reading!