The Road

St Paul, Revisited, II

Amy Jasek
2 min readMay 23


Polaroid photo by author

I thought the road would rise up to meet me
and the wind would remain at my back
but it became a whip to beat me

It turns out that what I had learned to see
became a light that shone on what I lacked
all my faults rose with the road to meet me

My chains were hidden; I thought I was free
opportunities in my bags were packed
but they all emerged and soundly beat me

Inscrutable as the wide untamed sea
my course kept its secrets, hiding the cracks
in the road I’d hoped would smoothly meet me

Leveled, the path left me flailing blindly
from the ground where I lay, a humbled hack
cowed by the truth I deserved to beat me

At the journey’s start what I thought would be
a triumph easily borne went off track
I thought the road would rise up to meet me
but instead its reality beat me

Back again today with part II of what I shared yesterday, this time a villanelle (full disclosure: I confused that form with rondelet when I was originally “writing” at 2am in the dark in my head)

Thank you for reading! We’ve been struggling with grief in my house lately and of course it comes out in my creative endeavors. I’ll share poems written more clearly to that in a few days. . . .