The Catch

Beach Grass, Part 2

Amy Jasek
1 min readAug 26, 2023


Outer Banks, NC | polaroid photo by author

everything catches: the wind
in my hair, sand in my throat
a song in my ears

our cat used to come home
with his bushy tail full
of cockleburs
that didn’t grow nearby
planting themselves under cover
and growing in warm silence

the roots hold their own secret
catching up until with a burst on the
scene something wild and new
shows a bright face
in the garden, creeps up close
wide eyes against the glass
let me in
let me in

This is a companion poem to the one I published on Tupelo Press’ website for the 30/30 project. . . . really they are only related by the photograph and tiny hints of ideas. You can read the other one here, on day 25:

Thank you, readers!