A little poem of gratitude

Amy Jasek
2 min readNov 23, 2023


iPhone photo by author

Gratitude’s table
sets a place for everyone
love is the main course
with rich sides of acceptance
come pile your plate high and feast

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! If you’re celebrating it, I hope you are having a wonderful one. And if you’re not, I hope you are still having a fabulous day!

About a year ago, I returned to Medium after what ended up not being a very long hiatus. The Black Friday sale lured me back in. I thought well, why not give it another try, I miss the community. Publishing on my own website wasn’t as fulfilling.

Much to my delight and astonishment, this past year has been amazing: and it’s all thanks to you, my dear readers. Y’all have been so generous to me, with your kind comments and responses to my poetry, and somebody (several somebodies) out there has selected a few of my poems for boosts. As a result, not only did I manage to achieve my goal (which was making enough money here to cover the membership fee), I also am thrilled to see that there are now 1000 of you following along on my writing journey.

Medium would be nothing without the people who make up its community: THANK YOU! I am grateful for every single one of you! Thank you for giving me the encouragement to keep sharing, and keep writing. Here’s to another creative year, for all of us!