Snow Moon

For February’s Full Moon

Amy Jasek
Feb 28, 2024


Instant film photo by author (redbud tree)

The snow moon rises over
greening grass and
redbud blossoms
although the winter lawn
looks ghostly white enough
in that lunar light
there is no frost
tonight it’s barely jacket weather
thermometer thaw
an early spring
an early switch from heat to a/c
from snug to summery
but the snow moon
is still the snow moon
and by any other name
would gleam just as sweetly
across the clear Lenten sky
but without its ironic punch

Again with the thoughts about our early spring! (And again, a hint of Shakespeare.) When I looked up the full moon’s name for this month it made me think about how the blossoms are usually peeping out but the a/c isn’t usually on quite yet. Tomorrow: a cold front arrives!

Thank you for reading!