Amy Jasek


Villanelle from January 9th

NYC 2012 | Medium format film image by author

up and down goes the sun
lights turn on, lights turn back off
back and forth, see how we run

day on day, hum and drum
clouds drift and dissolve aloft
up and down goes the sun

racing, how we rush and run
terrified of getting soft
back and forth, until it’s done

tapestry, artfully spun
looming weave from life’s deep trough
warp and weft beneath the sun

time of tears, time of fun
capricious in the trading off
some days lost, some days won

earth’s rotation stops for none
brightly the pattern braids a coif
up and down goes the sun
back and forth, see how we run

I was going to share a photograph of a sunrise with this poem, but after reading this article about life in New York, I decided to go back and find one of my old photos from there instead. Nothing encapsulates the hectic pace of life quite like New York City! It’s a screenshot from my Instagram since all my old photos are still locked in a dead hard drive, hence the terrible quality, but hopefully you get the idea.

Thanks for reading!