Photography meets Poetry

Poetry for Heroines

Large format self portrait from a couple of years ago (Crown Graphic, Ilford HP5) (photo by author)

I am relatively new to Medium, and still learning the ropes, so I don’t really know if people usually make some kind of introductory post. That being said, I’m not too concerned with doing what other people do and also I figured since there are over 100 of you wonderful humans following me now (! happy dance) it was worth letting you hear my non-poetry voice. Perhaps it’s not particularly different.

I’m a daughter, a granddaughter to a centenarian, a mother to a daughter, a half-sister, a partner, and under those top-level titles I wear many hats. My father put a camera in my hand when I wasn’t even old enough to sit up, and while I wasn’t serious about it during my childhood I did learn darkroom work, because it was fun to hang out in there. Photography, specifically film photography, has been an all-consuming passion for me for many years now. Boy have I learned a lot on that journey, not just about the photo world, but also about myself.

Every day I am involved with the photographic community through the Instagram accounts I run for Film Shooters Collective and World Cyanotype Day. Both of those groups have long stories attached to them; ask me over coffee sometime and I’ll tell you. I stick with both of them because I love them, and because I know that they mean something to the people who log in and look. I used to do a great deal of work for the Film Shooters Collective website, but as can happen with good things that require a Herculean amount of effort, that one is sitting quietly at rest for now.

And now for my second reason for making this post

Recently I saw a call for poetry on the Hundred Heroines Instagram, specifically having to do with the cyanotypes of Anna Atkins. I was super excited, since this ticked all the boxes for me: poetry + cyanotypes + a project I have been following for a while. In the process of submitting for this, I was invited to write some poetry responses to their current online exhibition, Cabinet of Remedies (such a great title!).

Those poems are now published on their website, and I would love for you to take a look — do I want you to read my poems? Well, yes please, I would love that. But I also want you to read the other poems there, and take a look at the site in general.

So, there you have it: my slightly agenda driven mini introduction, because I wanted to say hi, I’m proud of what I wrote for HH, and if you’re reading this you must have some interest in the words I share with the world — so, finally, THANK YOU!

Mother, daughter, photographer, writer (sort of).

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