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Amy Jasek


Insta-inspiration, or not. . .

Hipstamatic photo of a paper calendar by author

I’ve determined that Instagram is my favorite platform. Maybe it’s because I am visually driven (even with poetry: the internal vision, the desire to make an image with words, etc etc), or maybe it’s the ease of sharing and interacting, but it’s definitely my favorite. Social media might not make me any extra dollars, but, to paraphrase a friend of mine’s book, “life’s not just about the Benjamins.”

(Not that I make Benjamins from writing. Jacksons, at best.)

There’s a writer on Instagram who has been doing a very cool thing for over a year now: he puts out prompts for people to respond to, shares a few on his own feed, and then curates them monthly into printed anthologies. I know this must take a Herculean amount of work, which makes me appreciate it even more. Personally, I love having a few *books* on my shelf that weren’t made by me but have my words in them. Instagram lover tho I may be, I am weary of everything being digital.

This is the guy’s Instagram (Ryan Daniel Warner), if y’all want to check it out: https://www.instagram.com/rdw.projects/

A fellow IG enthusiast writer friend of mine posted a lament the other day that Ryan’s 365 project had ended, not yet realizing that he would (of course!) be keeping it going. When I saw her post, my heart went out to her, so I threw together a series of May prompts that I shared on this other poetry gram I’ve started . . . . .that I may well delete because I really need to quit trying to cram in so many simultaneous projects. For the moment I am attempting to use it to gather enough blooms for a bouquet.

Regardless of what happens with that account, I’m having a good time learning about, and thinking about, flowers in the process of writing to the prompts myself, so I thought I’d put it out there in case any of you want to play along. We all love prompts, right?

Get yer botanical on, y’all! And if you’re on Instagram, and write to one of the prompts above, tag #thepoetrypatio because I’m not quite ready to throw in the towel just yet.

(PS May 30th got a little cut off by the photo app; the flower is Carnation.)