Marfa, TX

Encountering locals in a West Texas town

Amy Jasek
Mar 24, 2023


Marfa, TX | Polaroid photo by author

A barking surprise
trespassing my attention
Man at the window
“Come on, really? They’re just dogs.”
My presence, on the street, an intrusion

The other night, my family and I watched an episode of Seinfeld where Jerry told Kramer he had only come along “for the material.” As a writer — and a photographer — everything I come across is potential material, even a man yelling at me from inside his house because his dogs were barking at me like crazy. Hello world! I’m here for the material.

Thanks for reading, y’all! If you have cute or funny dogs, you can count on me to try to photograph them when I see them, whether they (or you) are happy about my presence on a public street or not.