March, 3

Instant 365 project

Amy Jasek
4 min readMar 21, 2023


My little instax camera has a remote shutter built into the lens cap!

Hi again with more photos from my photo-a-day challenge! Here’s my boyfriend and I cheesin’ it up in the Big Bend backcountry, where we were camping. The middle of nowhere is our happy place, and we had the best time, with the best weather . . . . until the final night when a Biblical wind swept in and we decided to throw the tent in the truck and leave for a motel, but hey it was at the tail end so whatever. The desert has no memory, and no pity, but she is a beautiful beast.

The Window

Our week began hiking the Window Trail in the Basin. We headed there first thing and made coffee on the tailgate in the parking lot (we love to tailgate); we were delighted to be able to get right in AND find a rockstar parking spot. The last couple of years, there have been long, long lines.

After this it gets hazy in terms of what day I made which photograph, so I’m just going to share them.