Love’s Pieces

A poem of borrowed words stitched together

Amy Jasek
1 min readFeb 14, 2024


cyanotype print by author

Let me not
compare thee to a summer’s day
the unrelenting scorch and blister of a dry season
thou art more temperate
more field of forget-me-nots
for me to wade into and forget myself
more love’s nurturing heart
than the withered parch of neglect

In that marriage of true minds
our lease will always have too short a date
but still, I cannot count the ways
I treasure every moment, or how
I dream of them when life bends,
the great remover, to remove

So long as the moon can draw a ring around the sun
so long lives what we share, this you-and-me bond

The Poetry Society recently had a challenge for young poets to make a collage poem. Being automatically disqualified by my age, I decided to participate with my own set of rules, and used my mind to cut and paste instead of scissors and glue. Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all! And if you’re participating in Ash Wednesday, I also wish you a Lenten season full of blessings (how about them falling on the same day this year??)