Leap Day

Extra, extra

Amy Jasek
1 min readMar 1, 2024


35mm double exposure by author (Kimbell Art Museum, Ft Worth)

February saute, an extra day
leaping in while fresh leaves press
like an impatient audience
upon the scene in anticipation
of spring’s march

the calendar plugs in a
petit allegro, tries to make us wait
but it fools no one

changement, the switch
has already been flipped
the new moment has already begun
overlapping in the fuguelike glamor of nature’s clamor
preparing a grand jete of orchestral proportions

but today we go from 5–6–7–8 to an unexpected 9
and deepen the plie with a dramatic port de bras
before the door opens and
we vault into the green

I hadn’t intended to write a poem on leap day, which is why you are reading this after leap day: happy March! I decided to play around with my ballet background, although my keyboard is uncooperative with accent marks so I apologize for the lack of them. Last time I was at the Kimbell Museum in Ft Worth, a local company was performing in the piano pavilion; thanks to them for providing the photo and sowing a little seed in my thoughts. Thank you readers for being here!