Keyboard Warrior

A poem prompted by another poem’s title

Polaroid double exposure | Spectra film | Photo by author

I trim my nails in preparation,
run through drills,
up and down, major and minor,
leaping through arpeggios,
brave lieutenants,
training my ten soldiers
to wrestle with Bach,
traumatize Tchaikovsky,
get Chopin in a chokehold.

Bombarding Beethoven isn’t easy;
neither is lunging at Liszt.
Bartók withstands all my blows
and I run retreat from Rachmaninoff.

Mozart rolls over,
tongue lolling, lets me pet his belly,
before he bites my hand.
I throw javelins at Joplin;
he thinks they are a joke.

Nevertheless, shields up,
I battle on.

A few days ago I read James G Brennan’s poem Keyboard Warrior in Paper Poetry

I loved the poem, and the title (one that gets thrown around a lot in my house) stuck with me.

A few months ago I returned to my passion for playing the piano, and yesterday this poem popped out. James, I hope you don’t mind my using your title! Thank you for the inspiration! Readers, thank you for taking a look at my words. Please take a look at the linked poem above, too!

Mother, daughter, photographer, writer (sort of). www.texasgirlphotography.com www.instagram.com/amyjasek

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