Color photograph of a rainstorm over the desert mesas in New Mexico, from a distance so you can see the whole patch of rain
Rain over Cerro Pedernal, Abiquiu, New Mexico. Color 35mm Kodak film

Grey lady walks

across the land


visits the coast, wades out to sea

lassos the waterspout

collecting raindrops

Scales the mountains

to pine needle music

harbors a cache of snow

scooping up the wind

Sweeps across the plains

raking armloads of sunshine

from the sky

comes away with

pocketfuls of heat

High steps over mesas

combing wild hair

with wands of ocotillo

Leaves dancing footprints

in the dust

gracious fingers painting the canyons

Shakes out her skirts

reviving the desert

with a downpour of promise

and renewal

Thank you for reading! I would very much appreciate any feedback / comments / etc. . . Abiquiu is a little bit of an obsession of mine. I’ve written about it on my blog at least twice; if you’d like to see more photographs of the area and me waxing ecstatic about the place, you can find that here.

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