In the Back Country

Short desert poem series

Amy Jasek
2 min readMar 23, 2023


Polaroid photos by author | Big Bend National Park

In the desert, after the rain
they say there is a massive bloom
A celebration: joy and pain

Water arrives, hope is sustained
Life finds a way to make more room
in the desert, after the rain

The face of this place stays the same
it doesn’t change from moon to moon
celebrating both joy and pain

It rejoices with quiet fame
knowing renewal will come soon
in the desert, with each new rain

Cycles repeat and stake their claim
what dies will return with a boon
of celebration: joy in pain

Every chink in the endless chain
works together, humming in tune
In the desert, after the rain
the land explodes with joy’s refrain

The night we left our campsite, once again fleeing a wild, tent-devouring wind, it rained. The next day, it snowed! I have no idea how this will have affected the desert bloom, but I know that every drop of water there is a precious gift. Thank you for reading!