I can feel autumn approaching

Another prompt response

Amy Jasek
1 min readAug 25, 2023


35mm film photo by author (redscale film)

Shush of leaves in
a dry wind pushing
kids on playground swings
dry sticks tumble-rub
together tuning
up for night melodies
grinding the hot
cinnamon wind for an
orange sunset
round as a big-leaved
vine-field ready for
harvest. It comes
but with the too-slow
arrival of a favorite
friend, stalled
chatting on the
way out the door

Anticipatory, I wipe
my brow, check
the weather, go to
the window to
look again

nip of cider and
tease of cool air
a trick of the tilted light

I check my messages
send another:
autumn, where
are you

I can feel you but
I can’t see you yet

This is another poem in response to my friend Kim’s prompts for August. Here’s the last one, below. . . .

Wherever you are, I hope it’s not as hot, dry, and full of allergy-inducing pollen as central Texas! Thanks, readers, for being here!