I brew my coffee with thunderstorm rain. . . .

A response to a prompt from a friend

Amy Jasek
2 min readAug 22, 2023


instant film photo by author (Colorado)

. . . . when there is any
the beans sun-fire roasted
ground under the heels
of a hard August
heat filtering through
drought cracks into
aquifer boiling pots

I feel clouds gathering
the morning on my brow
litmus paper, my thoughts
charge as I march
for the machine

worries pound my head
like the pelting rain
we all long for
calcifying inside the
pressurized pump
squeezing liquid gold
through an atmosphere of waiting
steam shouts
announcements over
the rumbling din

Hot brew
day renewed

Y’all know I love me a coffee poem! So when an instagram poet friend of mine posted her prompts for this month, I jumped on this one instantly! Here’s where you can find her list:


And here’s a screenshot of the list:

Thanks for reading! (PS if you go see her on instagram tell her I said hi)