Holding Pattern

Late November

Amy Jasek
1 min readNov 27, 2023


iPhone photo by author

Airing out in the space between holidays:
one circulates within
while the other paces at the door
in all eagerness to come in

Late November shines in all brilliance
on the blushing, hail-beaten trees;
things still bloom but there’s winter in the light

Turkey stock simmers on the stove
while we rummage in the garage
for lights and greenery
there’s leftovers to be enjoyed,
pie slices to be indulged in,
naps to be prevailed upon
but what’s next keeps ringing the doorbell
with giggles, dashing behind the bushes
to pounce when we look out,
a laughing willing spirit of
generosity depositing packages
upon our waiting threshold

Ready or not
here it comes

Anybody else feel like a couple of extra weeks need to be stuck in between Thanksgiving and when the Christmas season starts? I used to wait until Dec 1st to kick things off, but now we start earlier. I need a longer Advent. I want a little more time. . . .

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