Five Love Poems

That which does not alter when it alteration finds. . . .

Austin Rodeo | Superheadz camera & 35mm film | photo by author

I Love, the Inclination

Sliding down this hill,
gaining speed as gravity
is so inclined to grant it

Tumbling, so head
meets heels, up and over,
picking up bits and pieces
snowball style,
shedding others,
shedding me

I can’t map this slope
while I am breaknecking
the incline, coasting
with the rollers,
loving the ride

II Love, the Regard

En garde, I know that look:
the considerate observation of
regard still deciding a level of esteem,
guarded, with regard to the
much scrutin-eyed gaze that
burrows into the heart

I note how much deference
is due to sink or swim
in that regard, the marked
dog paddling as I tread
on the uncertain waters,
training puppy eyes away,
waiting to be noticed
and tossed a lifeline

The heart pants
The watch bides its time

III Love, Crush

My eyes behold you posing
against the backdrop of my imagination
lashes send a blush down my cheeks
What I see there tingles a reaction
through every inch of me that the blood pumps
the heat of recognition warming my day,
and I can’t be more than a foot from the phone,
can’t keep my fingers out of my hair when you call
can’t concentrate
can barely sleep for dreaming

Desire deals a crushing hand
until the house makes it a two way street
Black jack, at last I make 21
with the queen of hearts

IV Love, the Passion

Consumed, combusted into ash,
a wreck of conflagrated craving
stone on stone on strike
and flinty in resolve until crushed into powder
powerless in the aftermath of inferno’s squall
oxidized and luminous, I blaze
and my whole life goes up onto the pyre,
sparks drifting with purpose through the smoke
on the way to and through your atmosphere

V Love, Fondness

I am fond of you,
like a bird for its favorite perch,
like the cat for her spot by the fire,
like hydrogen is to oxygen,
like a crab for its shell,
like toddlers and cheerios,
like a flower for the sun,
like a garden and rain,
laughter and company,
and I will dote with affection
on every little thing
that makes you You,
since the fondness you return
helps to make me Me.

Are you sick of reading now? And to think: I intended to write even more of these!

Thank you for donating some of your time to my words. May love find you quickly, and soon 💘

Mother, daughter, photographer, writer (sort of). www.texasgirlphotography.com www.instagram.com/amyjasek

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