On a short winter (as usual)

Amy Jasek
Feb 19, 2024


instax square double exposure by author

Thunder in February
when spring comes early
having been waiting just
around the corner
for winter to decide
her short stay was done

She’s been living out
of suitcases, not even
bothering to unpack
always an uneasy rider
through the lower
climes of the south:
a few weeks of chill and
she’ll be ready to go
riding the jet stream
up, up, and away

It’s mostly in the 60s and 70s these days. Farewell, winter! I can’t say I’m sorry we had a short one this year, and hopefully I’m not jinxing us into having an unexpected ice storm in March!! The redbud tree in my backyard is pushing out tiny blossoms right on schedule.

Thank you, readers!