Knocked off track, metaphors

Amy Jasek
Feb 8, 2024


instant film photo by author — Chama, New Mexico

On a collision course with an
unexpected squall
when the wind blew the cars
at the back of the line
(lighter because they were empty)
and the heavier payload toward
the front started to shimmy
then the locomotive strained a little
so the engineer took notice
the brakeman jumped up
someone sounded the horn
but a crew was already at work
pulling up track to seal the deal
and no amount of loud cacophony
(or overthinking)
could keep the thing from flying off course
kicking up deep ruts in the ground
digging in to come to a full stop
amid a lot of steam and startled livestock
stranded, now, in the middle
of nowhere

Anybody else feeling a little like this these days? Thank you, readers!