Amarillo Morning

Photographic memory

Amy Jasek
2 min readAug 29, 2023


Amarillo, TX | Polaroid photo by author

that morning
that sun
that beginning we
made several
summers in a row
that Love’s with all
the trucks and the
tolerable coffee
that road across the
panhandle toward the
mountains, that freedom
that passion
between us like a
kid wide awake and
calling out names on the map
that light
that ever present
burning hope

Just ONE MORE day and I will have completed the 30/30 Project I did for Tupelo Press. PHEW, y’all. It wasn’t easy writing 30 villanelles and typing them out, emailing them, etc. This poem is an alternate for the Polaroid; I wrote several alternate pieces in free verse to accompany the ones written in stricter form. Sometimes there was a lot of emotion and memory connected to the photograph and those feels needed to be able to run a bit freer.

You can read the other poem for this photo here (at Day 28):

Soon I’ll be starting work on assembling the zine I’m making for people who donated to my fundraiser (that accompanied the 30/30 Project) and I’m looking forward to that, especially since I’ll be able to see how the whole thing shaped up.

Thanks for reading!