All Saints

In the Garden

Amy Jasek
2 min readNov 1, 2023


polaroid photo by author

If Eve had a picnic across time
with an unlimited guest list
would she invite me?

Sitting on a soft bed of grass
in all her renewed unashamed beauty
she would pour out libations
from a bottomless vessel of sorrow
and all the women would nod
not so much with her weakness
but with assent to the heavy complexity
of all our decisions

The Saints in attendance would nod, too
as full of the flaw and flux of humanity
as they are of holiness

Kinship would bloom around us
drooping weightily from vines
where serpents twine
the sting of their fangs removed
by the compassionate hands that
washed all our dirty laundry clean
the same hands that helped Eve
back to her feet
when she fell

It’s the Feast of All Saints today, a day I love and look forward to each year. (Here’s some info if you’re unfamiliar with it and are interested.) In my creative musing, my thoughts are compounded with the art show opening I photographed at the weekend. The theme of it was “Eve’s Picnic” and the art reflected that theme in a variety of provocative and interesting ways (I loved it!).

The lingering inspiration of the art show prompted me to make the polaroid you see at the top of this piece, and the combined inspiration of that art and this day made the poem. Thank you for reading it!