Afternoon — IX

The Daily Epic

Amy Jasek
1 min readJun 22, 2024


Polaroid photo by author

Lengthening, the push and ramble
through the brambles
of new surprises,
drama arises
poking its trickster face
into a happy place.

Without warning, the out of place
decides to ramble
across the face
of clock hands bramble,
unexpectedly arising,
but not altogether unsurprising.

The surprise
pulls out a chair, takes its place
at the head of the table. Rises
to say Grace, starts to ramble.
Consternation brambles
across every face.

When faced
with a surprise
that unpleasantly brambles
up a tidy place:
Does it help to rant and ramble?
What next might arise?

In a moment, a solution arises,
shutting the door in the face
of a rambling
peddler of surprises.
This place
has no need of more brambles.